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 Ward NĜAX and Alan K6SRZ improvising on traditional Kure folk tunes.


The window of the COM station seen from outside.


K7C station and antenna field

Com station and out buildings


Another com station view


Four of the K7C team: Alan K6SRZ, Garry NI6T, Al AD6E, Ward NĜAX, and Charlie W6KK

The DXA control computer at the COM station. This is where DXA extracts the data from the N1MM logging program, forms it into packets and uploads it to the central site for updating DXA windows everywhere.  

 Ward NĜAX stirring roofing paint in preparation for repainting the house roof.  Part of the price of admission to Kure Atoll by K7C was providing a considerable amount of maintenance to the facilities.


The Inmarsat antenna. It sits on the ground just outside the COM station window.  We are now on our backup system as our first sat antenna has gone kaput!


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