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DXA is an innovative web application that will allow DXers to view the current status and activities of the DXpedition in near-real-time. Within a few minutes after making a contact with the Dxpedition, the DXer is able to see confirmation of that contact entered in the expedition log. Information such as the callsigns logged in the last minute and in the last hour, and the bandmodes currently being worked by the DXpedition, are displayed in a simple, automatically-updated interface. The entire application runs within a standard browser--no software needs to be downloaded or installed (with the exception of a plug-in to play audio tracks). The image below is a screenshot of a typical DXA interface.

Click image to see working screen
When we log a QSO with you, we will illuminate a green square on in your table for the appropriate bandmode, confirming your entry in the log. Note that once you see the green square, there is no need for an insurance contact. Also, you can be absolutely certain that you have not worked a pirate.

Important note: Logging into the DXA window DOES NOT enter you in the K7C radio log.
You must make your K7C QSOs on the air; DXA merely confirms that these QSOs are in the K7C radio log.

The map shows the most recently logged callsigns in their DXCC positions, as well as a set of ellipses that show the predicted propagation. Red ellipses are expected to have the highest signal strength, black the lowest. The callsigns shown recently logged are not correlated with these band propagation ellipses.

You can see a development version of the user interface working over the internet by clicking on the image above. If you wish, you can log in with your callsign (lower left corner), and see whether you are in the (simulated) K7C log. It is not necessary to log in to see the activity of the DXpedition, but you must log in order to see your own personal bandmode table for logged contacts (the lower left table in the screenshot above).

This is for demonstration purposes only--the actual log will be restarted when the DXpedition becomes active (24+ Sep 2005). At that time, all the personal bandmode tables will be empty, and as you make QSOs, your personal table will fill with green squares...provided you actually make the QSOs, of course!

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