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The 2005 Kure Atoll Expedition is a multi-disciplinary project that will have a broad audience worldwide. It is estimated that the project will be seen and followed by 40,000 radio amateurs, 10,000 students, 1000 professional working scientists and administrators, 10,000 conservation-motivated individuals, and 10,000 individuals in the Pacific Basin and Oceania, particularly Hawaii. This viewership constitutes a highly targeted audience for products and services in fields related to travel, research, education, and conservation. Some additional remarks ae available here about PUBLICITY.

The project offers corporate sponsors several ways to benefit from this high visibility:
Some current corporate sponsors may be seen HERE

Four websites support this project: (1) the main Cordell Expeditions website; (2) the Kure website; (3) the real-time radio operations website (DXA); and (4) the Kure ant project website. These are shown here and each may be accessed by clicking on the respective thumbnail.
The DXA website
All these websites are linked together. For the Kure Project, corporate logos and advertising may be placed on any of these except the main Cordell Expeditions website. The Kure Expedition website would offer visibility to a general audience, and would therefore be appropriate for travel products and services, boats, oceania, islands, transportation, cameras, communications, and entertainment. The DXA website offers a targeted audience for technology products and services, such as electronics, computers, communications, camping equipment, and special materials. The Kure Ant Project website will appeal to educators, researchers, sanctuary managers, and policy makers, hence would be most relevant for products and services relating to environmental management, teaching, conservation, and student projects.

An example of images of a product in use on the expedition (the 2002 Cordell Expedition to San Felix Island, Chile) is shown here. The generator supplies the electrical power for the operations in the tent. We will be happy to provide such images optimized for a particular intended use.

An example of corporate use of project content for advertising is the following ad, which was published internationally by ICOM. The ad shows this organization's 2002 expedition to San Felix, Chile (in the upper right corner as XRØX). We will be happy to provide materials to enable you to generate advertising appropriate to your company.

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