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KURE IMAGES (SEPT 30, 2005): 1 2 3 4 5 6  

The kitchen at the Kure field station. The electricity is supplied from a solar-powered battery pack. We wired in fluorescent lights today.

Katie our cook. She works almost all day every day preparing great meals for us. All we do is help with the dishes.

Ann WA1S operating K7C


Garry NI6T, Ward NĜAX, and Bob KK6EK discussing exactly what percentage of signals destined for Europe ended up in the recently discovered RF Black Hole on Kure Atoll

Gerd DJ5IW operating K7C

These are a gift sent to K7C by Art, W6KY.  Too bad the team can't see or drink them! 

Franz DJ9ZB operating K7C


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