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Participant. I, ________________________________, have voluntarily joined with other individuals to participate in an Expedition to Kure Atoll, in the State of Hawaii, Pacific Ocean. The project is defined and described in a document referred to as the "PLAN," and posted on the website of the Expedition, This action is taken with my full awareness of the requirements, limitations, and risks of the project.

Policies. I have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the Policies for the Expedition as set forth in the PLAN.

Travel. I agree that I am solely responsible for arranging and funding my personal travel, equipment, services, fees, accommodations, incidental travel, and all related expenses to and from Honolulu, Hawaii. I understand that the actual Voyage from Honolulu to Kure Atoll and return is dependent on many factors that may be out of control of the Expedition, and I accept responsibility for reasonable flexibility in my schedule should modification become necessary.

Costs. I understand that all of the costs of the Voyage will be paid for by the Expedition funds. I agree to contribute $5000 to this fund in the form of a donation to Cordell Expeditions. I understand and accept the fact that this money is non-refundable, except that should I be unable to participate I have the option of finding a replacement.

Emergencies. I agree to provide the Expedition with information for emergencies before departure. I agree to be responsible for the costs of medical and transportation costs related to that illness or injury. I agree to be responsible for reasonable incidental expenses incurred by others on my behalf in the event of such an emergency. I have the option of covering this responsibility with an appropriate insurance policy.

Waiver of Liability. I agree that I will not seek compensation of any kind for any loss that I may incur during the period of this Expedition from any participant or combination of participants in this Expedition, or from Cordell Expeditions, Robert W. Schmieder, or the Board of Directors for the Kure Atoll Expedition, or the vessel, vessel crew and owners, and the vessel skipper. This provision covers all incidents of any type, regardless of cause. It is my intention to hold all persons and organizations involved with the Expedition fully free and blameless forever, regardless of detailed causes and effects.

Binding. My agreement with these provisions, and the actions associated with and implied by this agreement, will be binding on all persons who would seek to represent my interests, including my heirs and counsel.

___________________________________ Participant


___________________________________ Witness

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