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Charlie Spetnagel W6KK

Charlie was a member of the 1992 FOØCI Clipperton, and the 2002 XRØX San Felix DXpeditions. He has operated from Cayman Islands 93 & 94 (ZF2JI), Baja California 1995 (6E2T), Bora Bora 1997 ( FO8DX), Guadeloupe 1998 (FG5BG), US Virgin Islands 2000 (WP2Z), Netherlands Antilles 2001 (PJ2/W6KK), and Montserrat 2004 (VP2MKK). He has been a team member at W6BA, N6AW and W6KP contest stations in Southern California for CQWW and ARRL contests.

Charlie is a member of the Southern California DX Club, Southern California Contest Club, Northern California DX Foundation, and life member of the ARRL. He is on the DXCC Honor Roll with 338 confirmed needing only 7O and holds 5BDXCC with 12 and 17meter endorsements. Previous calls include WB6SLI, N7QQ, ZF2VT, FOØSPE, FG/W6KK KP2/W6KK, PJ2/W6KK and VP2MKK.

Charlie is employed by an electric utility as a telecommunications supervisor.

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