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The K7C operation will make use of a number of "Relay Stations" to capture content (audio, video, other data) and forward it to the central server for inclusion in the DXA web interface. DXers will be able to use their browsers to watch the status of the DXpedition, updated every minute or so. No software needs to be downloaded or installed; only a browser is needed.

Please contribute to the DXA website by sending comments, pictures, etc. to one of the Relay Stations.

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To see the current members of the Relay Team click HERE.

For additonal details about how the Relay stations will operate, click HERE.
Send message to UAMFSend message to ZS4TXSend message to KH6BZFSend message to XE1YJSSend message to K6SGHSend message to VE7AVVSend message to OH1MASend message to G3XTTSend message to DL5RBWSend message to 4X4DK

The Relay Stations will be similar to "Pilot" stations in that they will generate information to be passed to the team on Kure, and also disseminate information from the team. But unlike a normal pilot station, the Relay Stations will capture audio clips, spots, and other information, and forward it to the central server site that supports DXA.

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