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The K7C DXpedition and the QSLing activity following the DXpedition will be carried out in accordance with the Policies of the DXCC Program.

The requirements for accreditation of a DXpedition are available on the ARRL website: (SECTION III).

The DXCC program has asked us to maintain unusually high standards for QSLing. Your QSL request must match our log in callsign, date, time, band, and mode. There will be lower than normal tolerance on errors, so we highly recommended you take extra care in logging your K7C QSOs. We asked you to be sure your calendar and clocks were set correctly, and recheck the bandmode you record for the QSO. We believe that between the aid DXA provides you while working K7C, and the extra care you and we will be taking with the logging, you can look forward to a validated K7C QSL card. We will do everything we can to provide you with this card, knowing that you will also do everything you can to earn it!

About DXA and the green squares:

The K7C DXpedition made use of the innovative real-time website DXA to provide DXers with selected information about the operation. DXA showed information extracted from the log for display in near real time (every 105 minutes), as a convenience for the DXer and as a means of sharing the excitement of the operation. However, the display on DXA is NOT the K7C log. We will not QSL using the information shown on DXA, but rather using the original (certified) log. However, if you see your green square, you can be practically guaranteed that you are safely in the log for that bandmode.

We invite you to open the DXA window and log in with your callsign. If the green squares, which indicate your K7C log entries, do not agree with your log, you may write to Note that because of the restrictions placed on us by the DXCC program we cannot change the log from your request; all we can do is fix the green squares if they do nto accurately represent the K7C log.

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