Kure Expedition

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Prepared by Cynthia Vanderlip
Department of Land and Natural resources
Division of Forestry and Wildlife

One of the most important ways you can contribute to the conservation of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands is by not introducing alien species during your visit.

Preparing the packing area

1.        Close off the packing area and set off an insecticide fumigant the night before packing.
2.        Sweep, vacuum, and mop the packing area.
3.        Continuously monitor the packing area after cleaning.
4.        Wear quarantined shoes or shoe-covers during packing.
5.        Keep pets and other animals out of the packing area.
6.        Spray insecticides around entranceways and in areas that open into the work area.
7.        Remove seeing plants from outside the packing area.

Unacceptable: cardboard boxes, paper bags, bare wood containers
Acceptable: plastic storage containers with sealable lids, metal containers with sealable lids, painted wooden boxes. Box construction should not provide voids that might harbor insects or seeds.

Do not leave containers open while packing. Wrap breakable items in new bubble wrap or cloth. Remove cardboard and paper packing.

New footwear and gloves are required. New clothing is preferred but not required. Store “island-specific” clothes and gear in airtight containers when not being used in the field. Dry washing in clothes dryers, not on clotheslines.

Treat the following items in the same way as clothing: daypacks, fanny packs, camera bags, binocular straps, eyeglass straps, nets and collecting bags, bedding, cots, tents, luggage, foam, scuba gear including fins, masks, snorkel, gloves, booties, wetsuits, BCs, weight belts, survey and collecting equipment, gear bags, goodies bags, regulators.

Freezing food and supplies
Freeze food and supplies at least 48 hours prior to departure. Pack supplies in well-sealed containers. Do not freeze glass or canned goods containing liquids. Plastic buckets with sealing gaskets work well. Freeze all dry foods, toilet paper, sponges, paper towels, plastic bags, gloves, boat tools, land tools, books and other paper products, office supplies.

Prohibited foods
Tomatoes, raw sunflower seeds, alfalfa seeds, mustard seeds.

Diving protocols
Rinse and dry all diving gear and ancillary equipment, using a bleach and fresh water mixture. Small boats and similar equipment should be washed and dried for two weeks prior to use on Kure. The equipment should be tented and bombed with a spray insecticide

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