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Patrick NH6UY, Kimo KH7U, Mike KH6ND, with Garry NI6T and Bob KK6EK in Honolulu, Feb., 2005

For several years, the Pacific DX Group, based in Hawaii, was planning an expedition similar to the present one. The team leaders were Kimo Chun KH7U and Patrick Guernin NH6UY. The plan called for a team of about 15 radio operators, using the radio callsign KH7K. The plan called for a combination team flight to Midway and gear shipment by boat from Honolulu. Unfortunately, the plan was delayed due to excessive cost. In November, 2004, Cordell Expeditions contacted Kimo and Pat, and inquired about the possibility of carrying out the project, essentially along the lines originally planned by them, but with different transportation and possibly different participants. They generously elected to endorse the present group to carry out the operation and since then have provided extraordinary support and coordination to the revised project.

During Feb. 4-9, 2005, several members of Cordell Expeditions (Robert Schmieder, Garry Shapiro, Kathryn Levenson) visited Hawaii, to interact with the PDXG people (Kimo Chun KH7U, Patrick Guerin NH6UY, Mike Gibson KH6ND, Walt Niemczura AH6OZ). The group will contribute significantly to the equipment and planning of the project.


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