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During the past several weeks, we assembled the gear, checked it out, acquired shipping cases and crates, and finally got it shipped. It comprised just under 500 cu ft. Cost of shipping will be about $1500.

The team assembled and tested all the major antennas, as well as the radios, computers, and the 801.22 wireless network (assembled by N6MZ). We built special crates for the SteppIR antennas. The gear was packed for destination; that is, the cases and crates go to the CW, SSB, or COM site, and contain the complete inventory needed at those sites.

On Aug. 26, the entire shipment was picked up and delivered on the ship. It is scheduled to arrive in Honolulu Sept. 1. When it arrives, it will be stored for our arrival around Sept. 10. We will need to set up and test the entire radio and network operations, including DXA. Also, much of the gear will be frozen for 48 hours prior to departure.

Team members who participated included Bob KK6EK, Garry NI6T, Alan AD6E, Mike N6MZ, John N7CQQ, Charlie W6KK, Alan K6SRZ, and Arnie N6HC.

Assembling the gear.

The Honda generators.

Our custom crates for the antennas.

Packing the crates and cases.

Garry NI6T packing antennas.

The cases are stacked in the staging area.

Another view ofthe gear stacked in the staging area.

The cases are labeled with contents and destination.

The antennas are packed in wooden crates labeled for destination.

Winter the cat checked the labels and lists.

Mike the trucker was a great help in completing the packaging and loading the gear.

We palletized the gear for shipping.

Crates, pallets, cases...

The gear went in a 24-ft truck.

Proof that the gear actually shipped!

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