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Expedition Leader Bob KK6EK attended the Hamradio Exhibition and conference in Friedrichshafen, Germany, during the last week of June. Bob was hosted by Kure team member Franz DJ9ZB. The purpose of the trip was to interact with European hams in reference to the K7C DXpedition, and to explore ways to enhance the project for Europeans, in view of the anticipated difficult propagation conditions.

Bob was able to meet with two of the K7C Relay Stations, Roger DL5RBW and Don G3XTT. Many well-known DXers and IOTA chasers gave enthusiastic support for the K7C operation. Bob made a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation on the K7C operation to an audience of about 300. When he described the development of DXA, and the fact that a DXer will get a green square on his screen to confirm a logged contact, the audience burst into applause. Bob delivered some of his remarks in German. Concerned that he might have been difficult to understand, one DXer remarked, "Oh, no! I understood your German just fine. It was your English that was difficult!"

Bob took a set of tee-shirts, and sold 17 at 20 Euros, leaving another 20 with Franz for later distribution.

While there, a representative from the Swiss DX Foundation came to tell us that they would support the K7C project with a grant of $1000. And Lannabo, a Swedish radio equipment manufacturer agreed to donate two of their 5-band, no-trap vertical dipole antennas, shipped to Honolulu. We are most grateful for this support.

The event is held in a large, new conference center at the Friedrichshafen airport.

The airport is the site of an historic Zeppelin base.

The exhibit halls are large and roomy.

The German DX Foundation table.

The ICOM, Europe booth.

Delivering a K7C tee-shirt to the ICOM, Europe manager.

Franz, DJ9ZB, a member of the K7C team.

Franz in front of his QTZ in Ettenheim.

K7C team members Franz DJ9ZB, Bob KK6EK, and Relay Station Roger DL5RBW

IOTA guru Martin G3ZAY, Bob KK6EK, and K7C Relay Station Don G3XTT

IOTA Chief Roger G3KMA, his wife Gill, Bob KK6EK, Roger G3LQP, and Jan DJ8NK.

The Swiss DX Foundation table.

Staffan SM6DOI, who donated two Lannabo vertical dipoles to K7C (shown behind him).

One of the Lannabo 5-band vertical dipoles donated to K7C.

The flea market is all indoors, and streches over several acres.

Everywhere the scenery was worth writing home about.

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