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There is one building remaining from the Naval and Loran facilities, shown here. This building is occupied by the resident naturalist and staff. However, we have been promised the use of one of the rooms for radio, living, or other needs. There are minimal cooking facilities, including propane stove, plates and flatware, and furniture.

A small elevated dock exists on the north edge of Kure, at the end of the walkway from the house.

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We plan to bring all the food for the entire stay on Kure when we land. If the vessel is able to stand offshore during all or part of this time, we might be able to return to the vessel for particular food, particularly if some of it has been kept in the freezer. It is also possible that the vessel could prepare the food for some of the days.

We have a 200 gal/day water-maker which we plan to bring onto Kure. While this is far in excess of our minimal needs, it is felt by the crew that this capability will make conservation unnecessary, and will enhance the comfort of the team and the other staff on Kure, enabling everyone to function more efficiently.

We estimate that about 150 gallons of fuel will be necessary to power the generators during our stay on Kure. We will probably ship this onto the island in 55-gallon drums, supplemented with jerry cans. It is undetermined at this time whether we will have gasoline or diesel generators.

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