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3. COMPUTER: Did the DXA window fit on your computer (please explain)? Was it responsive to clicking on the links? Did it get corrupted over time? If you used a machine other than Windows (1024x768), such as a Mac, what was your experience?

It fit my window just fine. [KBØIKW]

I have Windows XP and Y have not problems with DXA. [LU3CQ]

I viewed DXA on both my Mac PowerBook G4 as well as my Windows XP computer.  I was please with the window fitting on the monitor and the links' responsiveness. [AI1G]

DXA looked good on all my computers. I checked the site many ties when away from the shack and on different computers. [KC5YED]

I have exactly Windows 1027x768 and I no remember about broken links. [EA3BHK]

fit just right on a 17inch monitor and the 10245x768 just right. [K6ZOE]

(NO. It was a bit large for viewing area) (YES) (NO) [N5VYS]

First of all thank you for your email. I think that DXA is really important for several reasons. Initially that given pleasure of seeing itself spotté in real time, but most important is that one does not encumber the band to be continued to call whereas one is already in the log. That leaves the place to the others. I found that in more it was very well made, proportioned well, that the spots arrived without overlapping the ones the others, nor to mix. In short, it is perfect in my humble opinion. I think that DXA should be used for each forwarding, because I repeat it, with each forwarding of the OM call several times on a tape because they are afraid not to be in the log. Maintaining OM more and more Internet and which pleasure have of seeing the spots arriving. Moreover one can follow the rises of propagation, to see towards where it moves, seeing the agreements with the grey line. Do not change anything, but on the contrary make known DXA with all. Thank you [F8cty, Michel]

I do not recall any difficulties with the interface. I have hi-res monitors. [AD7AV]

No problem with display at all. Running a 17" display (1024x768) with 64Mb Video card and WinXP Pro. No problems with any of the links. Also viewed using Mandrake Linux 10.1 (display at 1024x768) and experienced no problems. Refresh rate could have been better, but put that down to heavy load. [ZS2EZ]

No problems (Windows XP) [HB9BGV]

When the K7C expedition was ongoing, I already wrote you a long email about this point, using the "e-mail-DXA button" (I cannot find the mail anymore, sri!). In my opinion, there was too much information presented. Extremely useful are: realtime log: I can try again during the same opening, if necessary. And I can stop holding my breath having me found in the log.- the greenies: I know when to work new bandpoints - current messages: much better than rumours in the cluster network

Useful (but not yet implemented): - greenies planned: if I wait for 40m CW, is there a chance today?

Not of much value (in my opinion!):

- watch: I own already one or two

- propagation prediction: the serious DXer has his shareware/freeware/log software to do the predictions

- last calls worked: I did not find it helpful to crack the pileup, the delay was too long

- map with last stations worked: needs resources, is maybe nice to watch, but does not help to get the DX in the log

- images, video: same as above, but it is very nice to become familiar with the team out there.

 In a nutshell:

DXA should provide an absolute minimum of realtime informations (the three/four mentioned above), and it should do it reliable (so the data rate fed via satellite should be low). This is a quantum leap in DXpeditioning!

 All the rest (videos, audio, etc.) should not be part of DXA. This information could be presented via a separate webpage from a different server. It must not slow down the realtime informations and can be "consumed" upon wish . (Maybe this separation of realtime infos and non-realtime infos was already implemented. I still recommend to reduce the amount presented on the DXA-window).

 Help file: I used it prior to the DXpedition and found all I needed (except the meaning of the abbreviation "DXA"!).[HB9BGV]

P in use here … no problems with display, and it was responsive. . [KS5A]

I used a Windows machine and had no problems with the links or display. However, I was logged on for only for very brief periods. [AG3V]

I have Windows XP Home Edition and everything worked just fine.The window fit on the computer. It was responsive to the clicks. I didn't notice it getting corrupted. The only thing I recall having some problems with was the gray line and/or propagation information on the map not responding very well. I may not have understood how to properly make it work. [N6ATD]

I thought it was the greatest thing going and wondered why something like it hadn't been done before. I can imagine the reduction in duplicate calls when people know they are in the log for a certain band and mode. I found what I wanted and can't remember using the help file. I have no complaints with the layout. The amount of information was all I wanted. [N6ATD]

Some of it did go off the screen so it may have been my monitor setting. It was easy to read for the most part. [AG5T]

Yes, 19" (2x) not a problem. No corruption, no problem at all. [HB9DHG]

There was no problem displaying the DXA window. Using my primary computer, a Dell Dimension 8250 with Windows XP Home Edition, the window does not update correctly when I attempt to log in. (If I enter the call of someone I know to have made valid contacts and click the "Login" button, the screen redraws with a blank band/mode map. It displays correctly using my venerable Windows 98 box). I have had a similar problem updating forms on other websites using this machine, and don't know where the problem lies. If I actually had "greenies" to display, I would have been misled into thinking that I had not made any contacts. [KM2L]

It fit ok on the computer for me.I just was working k7C while they were on the island.But if I was working alot of others then I would have had my logging program up and go back and forth from each screen. [AA6RN]

I can't recall having any problems with it. It certainly seems fine now. [AC7SB]

I have several PCs and while none of them may be truly "state-of-the-art" the main machine is pretty capable. I tended not to leave the DXA window open for long periods. I would generally "take my peek" and exit. I saw little or no need for keeping it visible for hours on end. Once in a while, particularly during the early hours/days of your dxpedition, it was somewhat unresponsive. I assumed that was because it was taking an ungodly number of hits! [K4IRS]

I suppose this was asked somewhere in the above questions, but just in case it wasn't really addressed...

My assumption is the DXA idea (a) provides feedback to the amateur community - at least to those involved in the dxpedition and (b) cuts down on the wear-and-tear of the operators due to the "insurance contact" mentality of many dxers. I've never been a particularly big fan of insurance contacts. If you feel relatively "safe" that a contact was made on a given band on a given mode, then strive for another contact on either another mode, band or both. I was absent from amateur radio from late 1991 until the spring of 2004. When I returned to the bands, I was pleased to see the relatively high level of computerization in the amateur radio ranks. When I semi-departed years ago, there were very few commercial logging programs available and they were generally designed for contesting, not for dxing or general logging. With the advent of more digital modes, DSP, computerized logging for the common man, etc., the burden of paper logging and their ubiquitous dupe sheets has fallen (thank God) by the wayside for many of us. The DXA hopefully provided more than adequate feedback for those making QSOs with you guys. I was surprised by the number of dupes turned out by the dxpedition, but I guess it's (a) human nature and (b) still tons of guys who haven't yet entered the digital age.

It now seems to be much more common to have on-line logs, but future dxpeditions are going to have to go some to provide what you guys provided via the DXA. My thanks.

My friends have had to suffer me lately even more than ever since I received my K7C QSL card. You were generous enough to publish the calls of individual amateurs who "sponsored" your efforts. I gave $100 and now you've made me semi-immortal by publishing my call (K4IRS) on the QSL card! [K4IRS]

I don't recall having any problem. [WB8B]

I did not stay on the site for any great length of time. Everything fit on my screen perfectly IBM (1024 X 768). I don't recall having any problems with any of the links. I found it operational on my few visits. [KL8DX]

I didn't think it showed the bandmode "greenie" very quickly. Sometimes it would show and then the next time not show you've worked that bandmode. Overall, I though i was good and helped people know they were in the log. [KJ6Y]

Yes, the DXA window was fine for my screen on multiple machines. I never noticed any problem with responsiveness or corruption. [WFM]

Using Windows 2k 1024X768, no problems [N6OR (AC6WY)]

I am using SuSE Linux, no problem with the DXA window at all. [AF4JF]

I used DXA on a Compaq Presario as well as two Macs, one at home and one at work. The Macs were running OS X Tiger. The Compaq was running Windows XP. I never had a screen size problem of any consequence. [NW6P]

My OS is Windows XP with a 1024x768 resolution and a connection to internet of 10megabites in optical fiberI never got any kind of problem to connect dxa and show images. [I2EOW]

The web page fitted fine on my XP pc, monitor 1024x768 monitor. [5B4FL]

As I'm on dialup with win 98 the response was a bit sluggish, but that's my problem! [SM3DYU]

I had no problems fitting the display onto my screen, which is 1024x768. [5B4AHJ]

It worked perfect on my windows XP system runing the (1024x768) res. [G3TLV]

At the time I was using an old (ca. 1999) Compaq Presario and Win 98 SP2. The monitor was an NEC 17". Can't remember how the resolution was set, but DXA fit nicely, and appeared to respond properly to clicks. [VE3UW]

It fit on my display just fine.  My display is set for 1024 by 768. Yes it was responsive to my clicks.  No glitches that I recall. [KØKP]

But about performance of the system the verdict is 100 % approved. %. [CT1FUH]

No problems encountered here either. Running Windows XP with a 21" LCD monitor. Resolution is 1280 x 1024. [WX2K]

The DXA window was just a bit too large to fit on my computer screen but that was not a problem. All the links were responsive. It did not get corrupted over time. [AI6A]

Never had a problem on my Compaq Presario laptop running WinME. I didn't do much ckicking on the links, just monitored activity passively. [AL9A]

it was a little too large but worked well. [W6OSP]

I don't recall having any particular problems with the window - it it my computer screen just fine. Just wish now that I had made a copy of it (printscreen) while my call was in the window. Is there any way to recall the QSO into the window? [WX6V]

I use a variety of PCs. Some have 4:3 screens, one has 16:9 screen. I noticed that the DXA window adapts to both without any problem. Response time has been mostly what you can expect in correlation with connection speed. I have noticed no data corruption. [YO3CTK]

Yes it was responsive and no it didn't get corrupted over time. [YB2VTO]

RE: I am using Windows all o.k. [SP2QCU]

Yes, it did fit ok on the screen. I usually run a higher resolution than 1024x768, so I had no problems watching it. I didn't notice any corruption while I was using it. [IA8AJA]

It did fit all the time. It covered my entire screen. At the time I was using a small PC laptop. Always responsive. [WMM]

Fit the screen fine (windows XP). links were responsive. [KD8SF]

I use my PC in 800 x 600 and they didn't enter well the screens of the DXA. If I put the configuration in 1024x768 it was perfect. Some screens of DXA were hung F5 it should press so that they are loaded again, I believe that a lot of Hams consulted DXA and the server I don't tolerate. [LU8ADX]

Fitted nicely at this resolution and was very poportional to the amount of info being displayed. Mostly all links were responsive.  Had noticed in the beginning of the DXped that some corruption had taken place when I was away from the PC for some time, maybe 1 hour or so. This was easily cured by refreshing the page or closing and opening a new. Use MS Windows XPpro OS on all PC's. [LA2RZ]

Well not exactly. My internet computer is an old machine, and I have only a little monitor, but I saw DXA in another monitors, and really was very nice, and it fit OK into it. In my machine and monitor I did need to move arround it for finding some keys. When I used DXA I had not have problems of corruption, but I read in cluster than this, apparently, was in the begining of DXpedition, because rest of time any did say nothing about this. [EA5KY]
The Layout was OK, good resolution Windows (1024x768) on my TFT 19". [CT1BOL]
Yes - No - Yes [KI6AO]
Computer: I am using a HP 3.5 mHz processor with 1.0 GB of memory. After properly sizing the DXA window, I appeared to offer the correct amount of information in an organized fashion. When I first looked at the window my initial impression was that it was cluttered. . [K4XG]
NO. It was a bit large for viewing area) (YES) (NO) [N5VYS]
No problem with the display 17 inch TFT monitor 1280 x 1024. Windows XP pro . Links worked corect when used. [ON5KL]
I could fit the window perfectly on both 19 TFT Monitors with 1280x1024. At the beginning clicking on the links was very difficult. After the first problems it was usable (not very fast but this didnt make the tool unusable) [HB9CIP]
The DXA window seemed to fit my 17" monitor screen quite well. I did not notice any glitches. [K1RV]
I use Windows with a resolution of 1280x1024. Everything fit just fine. I run Mozilla Firefox browser. No problems at all, worked well and very fast with my cable Internet connection. [AA6VO]

At the moment I can answer only  one question, how does the DXA window fits on my computer and the answer is: PERFECT! I'm using WIN98 and XP alternatively and it fits both cases. Looking to the window of DXA, it is very impressive. [HA6NY]

Everything was smooth, loaded fine and ran fine, I run a IBM e6u windowsxp. [AC7FP]
The DXA screen was OK on my PC, I did have to slide the bars [K8GG] a bit to see the entire view(s). It was good on the link clicks.
Fit on my computer just fine. I was using a Windows based machine with 800 x 600 monitor setup. [KS5V]
Something I have noted. There is not enough room on the page for all the data. For instance, 10 meters is chopped off the worked screen and also on the actine screen. Perhaps a smaller font is in order... FWIW, I increased the screen size with no effect. Otherwise an extremely valuable and versatile tool when the bugs are shaken out. N4TJ

COMPUTER: Did the DXA window fit on your computer (please explain)?  - Yes (No obvious problems)Was it responsive to clicking on the links?  Yes (But, did not use them all)Did it get corrupted over time? - I have dial-up. Did not stay continuously connected. OK each time I relogged onto site. If you used a machine other than Windows (1024x768), such as a Mac, what was your experience? - No. (Use XP) [AB7G]

Using a Pentium II and had no problems running Win98SE. [KA2BZS]
There were no problems at all here. I used Windows XP Pro, 1024x768 resolution. Not a single issue to comment upon. Excellent. [VK3FM]

I am not so sure it would have practical or functional use in a contest or field day type activity. Why!! In a contest the decision of what is in my log is mine, and I don't really lose anything, except a few points, or a multiplier, if there is a invalid contact made.If I don't work a NEW ONE, it is the end of the world as we know it, etc, etc, Hi, so knowing what is in the OTHER log (my call) is of paramount importance. TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION, I BELIEVE THAT THE 'BASIC' (EXISTING) SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY SHOULD BE TRIALLED AGAIN, TO ENSURE ALL THE BUGS FROM THE FIRST USAGE HAVE BEEN ADDRESSED AND OVERCOME, BEFORE ADDING TO THE COMPLEXITY. Something SMALL, that WORKS 100%, is infinitely better than something LARGE, that does NOT work properly. [VK3FM]

worked perfectly fine on my Windows laptop. [W2NDP]
Once again, everything AOK here. [N6VH]
Yes. The DXA window fit on my computer and it was responsive to clicking on the links. [CT1CSN]
DXA window fit fine and don't recall any performance problems. [AD4EB]
I use a Macintosh - OSX 10.4.? Worked perfectly all the time.? No problems.?? [KKDX]
Running Windows XP Pro and used it on a variety of machines without any real problems. I noticed a few times that the application hung, but I suspect that being caused by overload of requests. [ON5AI]
It fit fine on my 14" Windows screen. [LANCE]
Yes, perfect - not nay problems using Windows XP Pro and a 1024 x 768 screen. [SM5DQC]
I used a Dell 4300 with Win XP Pro. Worked perfectly. [KØCOP]
I used a P4 machine running Windows with a 1024 x 768 and I don't recall any problem with window "fit", nor did I notice any corruption or broken links. DXA seemed to work pretty good for me, no mechanical or software problems at all. [K3BZ]
Used a then new Dell with 19" screen and no problems. [N7MQ]
Used a then new Dell with 19" screen and no problems. [N7MQ]
Everything ok on my WinXP based, underpowered laptop... It is a celeron and a bit sluggish, but not only with DXA. [IW7ECJ]
Always fit O.K. no trouble at all. I just got a 19 inch LCD display and things looking very good, I was using 1280*768 however 1024*768 also looked good. [NIØF]
DXA fit fine on my 1024x768 screen. Sometimes links would not work however. [KK6T]
It fit fine. Was very responsive and did not get corrupted. I used Windows XP (1024x768). [AA5XE]
The window opens very big and explained all the information that i needed, the spots and stations worked is a real propagation window.i use windows every time and i think its very impresionant the colors and distribution of the links. [TI2KAC]
I use a PC and had NO problems using DXA and it always filled my monitor. [K6GFJ]
I use a Mac Powerbook G4 - 15" - excellent rendering of DXA window - no corruption - good experience. [K6WE]
Fit just fine, pretty much responsive. Sometimes links would take time to load. [WS1L]
I used DXA on several computers from my "homebrew" desktop, a dell laptop to several highend desktops at work. All worked well with no problem. [KI6VC]
DXA worked fine on the Mac. It responded quickly and I had no problem with it in this respect. [AD6ST]
No problems at all! [K7ACZ]
Computer and it was responsive to clicking on the links. [CT1CSN]
Pretty nice display, user friendly. Don't recall if I used the help file at all. [W6OP]
When we logged onto DXA we were using Windows XP PRO , It was full screen and we sufferd no glitch's. we noticed at some time's it slowed a little .but we put this down to the amount of users.We did not suffer from any lockouts or corruption when we were logged on, nor did we notice any delay logging onto the site. [GDBE]
It fit on the screen just fine. Had NO problems of any kind. I use the highest resolution possible on the screen, so that may have some effect on this. [K1KO]
I don't recall any problems with displaying the window. There was a tremendous amount of information present and occasionally it took a while to refresh, but all in all I don't recall any problems. [K7VC]
The DXA fitted perfectly in the window and did not corrupt at any time I was using the application. [M3SDE]
Window fit very well. Links OK. [ON5JV]
I had no problems at this end, other than when it crashed due to the amount of hits. [G1VDP]

My screen is set to 1280x1024 so no problem displaying the page, although I really didn't like to have to lower my firewall shields to let cookies in from the site since the login process was not possible without allowing cookies. [IK4WMH]

The DXA window fit my computer screen no problem. I am using Windows XP and an old 1.8 GHZ processor. I am on a dial up connection and at times things seemed very slow but I think that was due to my 56k modem. [K5BG]
yes, yes, no, N/A [NNØTT]
I tried DXA on several Windows computers with XP Pro and Win98SE and it worked fine. All of these run a 1024X768 resolution. [KE3D]
I run in 800x600 and had no trouble with your screen size. I felt response was quite acceptable. Never saw it corrupted. [K8IW]

Window is Ok. I was having issues with my old computer - would lock up, not the fault of DXA. [WQ8T]

It fit my screen but the mode Greenie and the bands of operations did not show all the bands unless I scrolled left or right. They were listed from 160 to 21 MHz. I could scroll to get 24, 28 and 50 MHz. The links worked fine. I never experienced any corruption while using it. My machine is a windows base running XP Pro. [WA4FFW]
Yes it was, i am using a 19 inch TFT screen, and it was very clear [PA1K]
Yes, I used it full screen window. [DF2PI]
I am using 800 x 600 and the DXA screen was still fine even though a few items were 'cut off' .Little corruption - a minor inconvenience. [VA3DN]
Aesthetics of display : I think most people do not need extra informations such as time of your location and who were already finished contact. Simple is the best. [JA2FG]
Yes, the DXA window always fit in my computer. As much as I can remember (it was months ago, after all), the app always seemed responsive. [N7TM]
I am using MS Windows 98 SE and all worked great! [WA5PFJ]
Used windows XP. No problems seen apart from the server problems. [DK8MZ]
Your system worked without any glitches on our Dell/xp computer. [K4TY]
I use a P-4 3.0 2Gig of Ram -had No problems at all good experience. . [W6JON]
DXA window fit and no problems experienced. [VE3GQR]
I'm using WIN XP and a 19" screen, it works well with DXA. The links did not work all the time. I suppose some features of DXA have temporarily been turned off to reduce the high server load. But the basic DXA intention was woing a reliable job. As mentioned above it was often necessary to restart DXA [DL9MEN].
Worked GREAT at all times! I never had any crashes or gliches at all. My choice of windows operating systems is 2000. [WA5POK]
Used windows XP at 1600 x 1200 looked fine . [WB1S]
The DXA window did fit my screen perfectly. The links that were active, responded okay. The system did seem to hang from time to time, due to server overload I suppose. The 'currently K7C working' field was correct most of the time, as I remember, but perhaps not always...due to server overload ? The 'Worked last minute' field was changed to I believe 'Worked last hour' or something alike...wasn't always updating/refreshing correctly...nice feature if it was running ok. [ON4WW]
Used a hi-powered Dell with XP. Worked just great with no glitches. [K7LY]
I used both a Dell Windows-based laptop with a 14" screen, and a PowerMac G5 with a 22" NEC display to monitor DXA. The laptop was interfaced to my transceiver. Both computers were networked via a wireless router to my DSL line and the internet. I did not experience any delays when checking the links frequently with either system. Once or twice, when checking my "greenies", there was no response at all, but I believe this was because the K7C team was either uploading files, or doing routine maintenance. I did not consider this to be annoying or an inconvenience. Being an avid Mac user, I tend to rely on it for most needs, and was happier using the Mac with a larger, clearer screen to monitor DXA during the DXpedition. [K6MM]

As I recall, the display was fine and fit correctly. Responsiveness seemed to be rather slow. [K6MM]

Yes the window fit on my Dell PC display just fine.  All the links were responsive and it did not get corrupted over time.  However, I did close DXA after every operating session and reopened it when I returned to the shack, so DXA was never open more than a few hours at a time. [N6SJ]
yes [BD4VE]
I had no major problems to access DXA. [DK5WL]
No corrupt display. It always fit my screen! [VE7JZ]
19" @ 1280 x 1024 => no problem  [PF5X]
It was always fast and accurate. [KSØX]
On my Windows machine DXA fits on my TFT-screen. [DJØGM]
Window worked fine no crashes on relatively new xp computer. [KO6RS]
I have used Windows Xp with good PC's. Fit was perfect, difficulties and shut downs occured when I produced RF --> problem from my side ! [HB9AUS]
Yes, the DXA window fit on my computer. The response of the log display was good. And a real-time display of the bureau that had communicated was good, too. But, other responses were not good. [JA8BRH]
Not positive I now remember, if DXA window fit, but was adequate. Did not use links. [W6KT]
I used a Win98SE machine and a Win XP Home SP2 machine, 19 inch monitor. I did not notice a difference. I do not recall size problems. I did not recognize corruption problems, but DXA was slow at times, and stopped working. Much better towards the end of the expedition. [NU6T]
It fit fine, and responded to input as intended.  I never experienced any coruption. [W5GA
The DXA window in our case fit perfectly!!! Clicking on the "Links" posed no problem! We did not experience any failure in the system until obviously the SERVER was overwelmed by the usage. [NN6EE]
No problems with window size.  I used a Dell Pentium 4 at work with a 17 inch monitor.  Home was a 15 inch clone Pentium 4. [NK6A]

COMPUTER: Did the DXA window fit on your computer (please explain)? Yes no problem// Was it responsive to clicking on the links? Yes//Did it get corrupted over time? No//If you used a machine other than Windows (1024x768), such as a Mac, what was your experience?I use Window XP/

I use a pretty standard Windows set-up and I didn't notice anything unusual.  The DXA window fit fine on the screen. [W6TK]
Everything worked fine, thought it was fantastique. [W6YOO]
I only used my Window XP operating System and my resolution is set at 1024 X 768. Yes, It looked good on my screen. [N6WK]
COMPUTER: Did the DXA window fit on your computer (please explain)? Yes, Computer is a Pentium 2,8 GHZ running Windows XP Pro w/1 GB DDRAM , AGP 8X video card, 128 MB Video RAM and a 19  LCD monitor.  It was custom built to to control the station.  Logging, Packet Cluster, Rotators, keying all controlled by computer.  Ideal setup would be 2 19 or 21 monitors  Was it responsive to clicking on the links?   Yes  Did it get corrupted over time?  No.  If you used a machine other than Windows (1024x768), such as a Mac, what was your experience?
I was using a HP 2.1ghz and worked fine also had used it on a dell laptop and worked 100%. [W6WTG]
It worked very well, in fact I did a print screen after each 'greenie' to impress my friends. :) [W6UR]
I didn't originally recall how the page fit on my smaller screen but I brought up DXA moments ago and found that it sized properly on my 15 inch ham shack pc....Don't recall any corruption.  I do appreciate that you open a browser window without any menu bar or other tool bars... those needlessly take up space and on a small screen like mine, space is at a premium. [KB5NJD]
COMPUTER: Did the DXA window fit on your computer (please explain)? Fit well on 19 Was it responsive to clicking on the links? Yes Did it get corrupted over time? Yes If you used a machine other than Windows (1024x768), such as a Mac, what was your experience? Good to go on my Window XP Pro
no problems on XP-Pro PCs running 1024x768 and 1600x1050 [DF2LH]