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Below are listed almost all of the answers to Question 1 received by this author. The responses are provided here in their entireity--all responses are included, and the responses have not been edited (except for consistency and English, when necessary, and to eliminate some purely personal comments).  

When you made your QSO(s), did DXA correctly display the bandmode "greenie" in a reasonable time?

Were there any glitches, errors, etc? Is it correct now?

All  the information was in reasonable time. In my personal case I found some mistakes ( different bands or modes wher shown ) It seems that you noted the problem due that you fix it. [LU3CQ]

Correct  [KBØIKW]

My first QSO with K7C took a long time to show up.  So long, in fact, that I started doubting myself that I heard the op work me on CW.  It did show up finally the next day.  Subsequent Q's with K7C, however showed up as a "greenie" fairly quickly. [AI1G]

I never did see my call on the last 5 list.  But I think the system was pretty good and enjoyed checking it out. [KC5YED]

This was my bad experience with DXA, I've got only 3 QSO with K7C and in all 3 times DXA hangs few minutes before my QSOs, only the first one (20M-CW) shows the green square the day after of each QSO.

  Once the team announced DXA showed the entire log, I saw I've only one QSO, but I sent a message to you explain the problem and few days later you answer me that I was in the log and DXA shows from then on my 3 green squares. [EA3BHK]

The greenie was a nice touch.. the program on my end was very fast.. [K6ZOE]  

(Yes)   (No)   [N5VYS]

Eventually, all of my QSOs did show, and this took away any doubt about the log. The only improvement I could think of is if the update time could be made faster. Great tool. It gave clear idea of current bands to work K7C and a good sense of who was being worked where. [AD7AV]

Found performance to be pretty good considering the heavy usage of the site. My QSO popped up within a matter of minutes, and it was a great thrill to see my callsign appear in the scrolling list of calls!! The correct bandmode mark appeared, and gave great satisfaction. Using 192Kb ADSL connection here. Not quite real time, but on the other hand my connection is not the fastest! [ZS2EZ]

The problem was (probably) the satellite link, causing  DXA to be off line frequently. When it was online, DXA performed well. [HB9BGV]

I was one of the later QSO’s, but the data appeared about as quick as it could have in my opinion.  No glitches that I saw. . [KS5A]

I noticed no glitches in the displays of my QSOs. . [AG3V]

There were no problems with my QSO(s).
They came up in a reasonable period of time. It is correct now.  A
friend had a problem with one contact being dropped when another was
added.  It was brought current at the end. [N6ATD]

It's correct now. My cw and ssb contacts on 20 meters showed up reasonable well, but my 18 ssb contact didn't show up until several months or so. [AG5T]

YES! it was amazing. With my antenna, without amplifier (was in reparation :-) Few moments that was slow .. but enjoyable to use. [HB9DHG]

Ahhh, if only I had made QSO(s). I worked someone signing K7C, but to this date there are no "greenies" on the DXA page corresponding to my call. Based on the time/frequency (40m at 2215 UTC), I believe that I worked a pirate. See my response to question 3. [KM2L]

It loaded ok a few days after it started.It loaded right. [AA6RN]

I don't recall if the greenie was correct when I originally logged in.  It is correct now. [AC7SB]

Goodness! How long is reasonable? Honestly, it seemed like the "most recent" QSO section didn't update as one would have expected. It seemed so undependable that I stopped relying on it. The majority of my "greenies" showed up "on schedule." One particular band seemed reluctant to make itself seen. However, once the fury had ceased and someone had a chance to make corrections/changes, all my QSOs showed up properly. I didn't get you guys everywhere, but I was pretty pleased with the additions to my DXCC efforts. [K4IRS]

I recall there being big a problem with the "confirmed log" feature of the green squares not updating. This was confirmed with a few fellow DXers V73NS and N8NM. I have K7C worked on 160cw,80cw,40cw &17cw. At this time it  states 160cw,80cw,40ssb. I also listened to K7C work USA stations on 160m and watched the screen to see how well it updated, and it may have been a good 10 minutes behind at the time when around 0700z on Sept 28th. The red squares in the "currently working" box was definitely not updating over multiple times when K7C QRTd and QSYd to another band/modes. [WB8B]

I did not experience any problems during my visits. [KL8DX]

I didn't think it showed the bandmode "greenie" very quickly.  Sometimes it would show and then the next time not show you've worked that bandmode.  Overall, I though i was good and helped people know they were in the log. [KJ6Y]

Excellent Bob! [WØFM]

Seemed to work great - have not looked at it since I made the contact. [N6OR (AC6WY)]

My QSOs were displayed correctly in couple of seconds. [AF4JF]

I believe the updated info on Qs made is correct. However I did not do a rigorous comparison with my log. My sense is high accuracy however. [NW6P]

I had only 2 qsos.on 30 I got my call immediatly.On rtty,there was some problem. [I2EOW]

Some of my QSOs straightaway, some took more than a day. It was correct eventually. [5B4FL]

It worked just fine to me. [SM3DYU]

The time was a little slow. My 17m QSO never showed up, I shall wait and see if I get the QSL for it! [5B4AHJ]

At the begining it took 2 days for the DXA to show that I had worked them, although I knew that the server was being overloaded at the start. After a few days it worked ok. [G3TLV]

My QSO showed up on the world map immediately. Unfortunately, that was the last I ever saw of it. The "greenies" never showed properly,  even after your e-mail some weeks later saying that everything was fixed. [VE3UW]

The greenie worked fine for several QSOs and did not work at all for one.  I emailed in to report the glitch and later that one popped in also.  I did receive a reply that explained what had happened which was very nice to receive and I was not expecting a personal reply.  Thanks! [KØKP]

Whem i made the QSO's the DXA display appears corectly on short time, but  a QSO on 14.081 RTTY at 09:05  04/10/2005 and on 10.105 CW  at 10:58  04/10/2005 never appears ...Please confirm on the log. %. [CT1FUH]

No problems encountered here.  Both QSO's were displayed without error.  However (if I recall correctly), there did seem to be some delay for the green QSO confirmation to be displayed on the DXA screen. [WX2K]

Yes, it was displayed in a reasonable time.  I encountered no glitches. [AI6A]

The bandmode "greenie" was accurate for me within a reasonable amount of time.  I don't recall the exact time lag, but because I could see my call in the last minute/hour window I figured it would show up checked in the band/mode area soon and it always did.  Neat feature to eliminate doubts about being "in the log".[AL9A]

I did not notice any errors. Sometimes there was a time delay but that did not bother me. [W6OSP]

When I made my QSOs, mine showed up in the window within 5 minutes or so - pretty cool to see your callsign show up on the world map! I even downloaded the webpage on my wife's computer to show her. [WX6V]

Yes, it was correct, no errors. Which is more than you can say of some tools used by other expeditions. [YO3CTK]

When I make my first QSO, the GREENIE did not appears instantly it took several minutes.  Yet it shows reasonable time & I did not find any error. [YB2VTO]

Yes , correctly displayed,correct now,no any errors. [SP2QCU]

It did take a few days before my "greenie" showed up. It does show correctly now. [IA8AJA]

Everything was fine with my previous QSO. I took pictures at the time of my QSO of the site. I'm enclosing one to show you the only pbm I had with it: my call was hidden by another call. Maybe there is a way to fix that pbm so that everyone has a chance to see their call. I'm also sending you another pic that shows another call (JL1BFC) being squeezed between two others. [WØMM]

Yes, the peformance was plenty quick. Enjoyable to see this in real time.  I saw no errors or glitches. The log is correct now. [KD8SF]

There is QSOs that didn't come out in the moment. I made 2 QSOs in 15 SSB 27-09 03:27 and 05-10 03:20 UTC and they never appeared in DXA :- ([LU8ADX]

When I finally contacted K7C in the last days of its operation on 30mtrs I logged in to check the qso at about 30mins later and to my utter amazement the "greenie" was there. Also recall the excitement of seeing may call on the screen only a few minites later! I have a screen dump of this which I have printed out and framed.! Some of the functions were down as to increase the speed I seem to remember. All in all DXA worked great towards the end. [LA2RZ]

Well, as you read previously, I was not connected every time, but when I checked my call in DXA, it did appear correctly, and I remember I had in my mail an e-mail from a friend with the window of DXA and my call-sing with 30 meters QSO. Really an experience to see this. [EA5KY]

At very beginning of DXpedition I was not able to see my Callsign - after 1 day was OK. [CT1BOL]

Yes [KI6AO]

The "greenie" appeared to be accurate although it was slow on occasion in appearing. . [K4XG]

 (Yes)   (No)   [N5VYS]

Display was in reasonable time. Grace at the online log when checked for my 30 m qso and it was not there, I worked K7C again for  agood one this time. Without able to check a on line log, my result would be no 30 m qso as  there was no knowing if I worked a pirate or there was a bad copy of my call.  [ON5KL]

I was really surprised. After the first days, DXA displayed my QSO fast. After 2-3 mins the “greenie” were stamped and I colud even see my call in the last minute column. The stand is correct. [HB9CIP]

The QSOs appeared within 5 minutes or so. [K1RV]

I did not see my call sign in a “greenie” but cannot remember now if I checked it at the time of qso. I am not currently shown as logged so perhaps I did not get in their log?? [AA6VO]

Seemed to work real well, usually was fast in responding to new calls. [AC7FP]

I got the green dot when I logged in. no problem, and no other greenie, which is correct. [K8GG]

I really cannot remember any problems to speak of. [KS5V]

Seemed to be a delay greater than noted on display. Not sure what you expected as the value for the predicted "time-to-display'. No glitches, errors seen

2. I had no problems although I only made 1 qso on CW. [KA2BZS]

Yes, there were many glitches, as the DXpedition wound on, caused mostly, I imagine, they being start up problems with new software, and the sheer level of use the application received.

Yes, everything was displayed correctly eack QSO. [W2NDP]

Everything worked fine here. [N6VH]

DXA did correctly display the bandmode "greenie" in a very reasonable time [CT1CSN]

Worked OK, response time was sometimes slow, but that was expected. [AD4EB]

There were no glitches with the system. I was very impressed.? The only "complaint" that I would have is: when I worked K7C on 75SSB, my callsign on the map was covered up by another call!? [KKØDX]

DXA was about 5 to 10 minutes behind at the time I made my QSO’s. It was very usefull to confirm that the operator logged me in error first as ON5AIS instead of ON5AI. No offence because the conditions were really poor at that moment and he took the time to get me in the log after all. [ON5AI]

Occasionally quite a delay, but accurate. [LANCE]

My two QSO's showed up same day, correct and no changes needed, but it was not in real-time. [SM5DQC]

  Worked well after I got used to how the information was displayed. [KØCOP]

There were some delays, but not more than I expected. This was the first time out for DXA and I expected some glitches. There were fewer than I thought there might be. One of my QSOs got "lost" and after a few days I e-mailed you and you found and posted it.  [K3BZ]

No glitches here. [N7MQ]

First QSO I (believe) have made never showed up, and thus I tried for a second one a couple of days later... This time, the greenie showed up in less than 5 mins, I think...

First QSO still doesn't show, so I assume it was made in my dreams ;-) [IW7ECJ]

Most of the time it was just a short delay, as I remember on

several occasion it was the next day. [NIØF]

Yes and no.  Most of the time my Qs showed up within a minute or two but occasionally DXA was not being updated. [KK6T]

It seemed to work very well after the first few days. Seems very unresponsive at first, got better but sometimes did not update callsigns rapidly during high periods of station activity. Eventually everything got caught up. [AA5XE]

Every time when I use the DXA I see after the QSO and the time about 5 minutes after the qso its ready. I believe this little time is good because you need time for put in the web and reasonably is great in compare with others expeditions during 1 or 3 days to upload the log. [TI2KAC]

During the DXpedition, I had two contacts; 30 and 17 meters.  However, the only contact that showed up during the operation was 17 meters. NOW (Feb 2006), both contacts show up. [K6GFJ]

All aspects worked correctly and in a timely manner [K6WE]

I made one QSO, 40M CW.  It displayed within a few seconds, I even got a screen shot of my call on DXA!  Very neat, no wondering. [WS1L]

DXA worked very well. All but one of my QSO "greenies" was wrong.  My 40M CW Q was shown as SSB.  QSL card is correct. [KI6VC]

The bandmode greenie worked fine for me. I only had one contact which is a puzzle for me since Hawaii is an easy shot from here. [AD6ST]

The first days it was slow.  After a few days it was like magic to be putting the contact into my logger (DX4WIN) and seeing my call pop up on your screen.  There was one period that it was not working then came back up and all the spots I expected were there. [K7ACZ]

Correctly display the bandmode "greenie" in a very reasonable time [CT1CSN]

Great concept. Was slow to update the green squares. I thought I had a contact on one band that never did show up. Turned out I didn't have the contact after all but I didn't try for a dupe since there were update problems and I thought it would eventually show up. I liked the window showing the last calls worked. Only saw my own call go by once, however. [W6OP]

In our experience we found DXA  trouble free, infact  seeing the callsign of our stations appear on the screen not only made for thilling experiance for all of us,but certainly cut out the need for "dupes". [GØDBE]


Performance was accurate and timely.  The first contact I made showed up only a few minutes after I made it.  Checked the "log info" on the page and my call was, by happenstance, at the top of the pile!!!  Pretty Cool, to say the least!  The greenie was there at the same time.  Max time between the Q and the log showing my call was ten minutes, and probably closer to 2 or 3. [K1KO]

It was nice to verify the QSO right after the contact. In my case, the first log-in was responded without my call-sign and QSO record. Only after the second log-in, it responded correctly. I ma not sure its my computer problem or problem of DXA program. [6M0MM]  : Sweng-Woong Woo

Never quickly enough  :)  but most were within 36 hours as I recall.  Some people will not be happy until they can see their results in real time, but if they could be received reliably within 12-24 hours, it would help keep me from adding to the QRM from trying to make insurance contacts. [K7VC]

After my QSO with DXA, the application correctly displayed my callsign, band worked and greenie within 5 minutes of the QSO. It is still correct now and worked excellently for all my friends too. [M3SDE]

Yes and no errors  [ON5JV]

Yes, the "greenie" was displayed within minutes, what a fantastic bit of software! There were no errors and I have not checked it since the expedition ended. [G1VDP]

The 30m qso showed up a few minutes after the qso, the 20m qso showed up only when the dxpedition was over. [IK4WMH]

My call is K5BG. I had 11 QSO's with K7C. The bandmode "greenie" mostly showed up on the DXA screen in reasonable time and I noticed no problems. If I remember correctly all of my QSO's were correct @ near real time. [K5BG]

yes, no, yes [NNØTT]

Yes. No problem. It is still correct. I was so impressed I captured the screen at the time, printed it and now have that 4" x 6" print of the screen in a lucite frame. [K8IW]

Correct now. Seemed reasonable. [WQ8T]

Yes the displays were correct and the greenie modes were OK yet it did take longer for the 160 qso to appear.  It appears all my contacts are listed. [WA4FFW]

Yes it was displayd very correct [PA1K]

First qso was not displayed in a time span of about 1 hour after the qso, could check this later (next day). Second qso was displayed within five minutes time, which I found very comfortable! I got a little bit confused by the list of calls (you have worked) displayed. one of my qso was displayed in that list, the other on wasn't [DF2PI]

My 'greenie' showed up exactly schedule ............  no waiting. [VA3DN]

Computer worked good and fit well. [JA2FG]

There were a few glitches. It seemed like at first there was some tuning going on with DXA in terms of showing the last 10, etc. I never found errors with my log and "greenies". [N7TM]

This was the most interesting part of the system.  I enjoyed watching for a few minutes after I had worked the group to see my call sign rotate throught the list. [WA5PFJ]  

Immediate (maybe 5 minutes later), correct display of my callsign. Heared the same from my friends. By the way, interesting to see many members of the K7C team in the K7C log. [DK8MZ]

For us, the bandmode "greenie" correctly showed the band/mode contacts we think we made and still appears correct, although we have not yet received qsl cards to prove it.  However, our recent project with the qso of DJ1TE on DXA conflicting? with the log, casts a cloud on the reliance of a ham on a "greenie".  If there is an unrecognized glitch in the system, then the ham may be happy thinking he has made an apparently successful contact and need not make another qso.  Finding out the error after the expedition is over is not a pretty sight to behold. [K4TY]

Worked correctly and in a timely manner. [W6JON]

My QSO was displayed in a timely fashion - but about 2 months later, the QSO was no longer on DXA -PANIC! However, I have my Card - Tks. [VE3GQR]

  Absolutely yes. My QSO was displayed immedidately and the "greenie" was at its correct place. [DL9MEN]

The DXA log system was the best thing I ever saw. 10 to 15 minutes to see the your QSO in the log was splendid. I hope to see it used on other dxpeditions because if the dark side confirms the QSO it has no need to go on calling and the pile-up is a lot better. [CT1DOF]

All "greenies" appeared quickly except for 75 meters, it appeared a few days later, after the DXpedition. [WA5POK]

Worked fine for me slight latency but pretty good. [WB1S]

There was one glitch where my qso 'greenie' did not show up. It was corrected later, and still is correct now. [ON4WW]

Worked just great for me at all times. [K7LY]

Yes, not only did the bandmode greenies show up in a reasonable time, I was delighted to see my callsign actually displayed on in the DXA global window.....several times. I had a total of 9 separate QSOs with K7C on different bands/modes -- all are correct and show up in the Confirmed Log window. For those times when my callsign, K6MM, showed up on the global window under LAST MINUTE, or LAST HOUR, I immediately did a screen capture to save it. I was really thrilled to see my call displayed on the azimuthal map twice. These are worth framing !! The whole process added value to the DX experience for me. [K6MM]

No errors with my single logged contact. As I recall, the "currently working" information was not correct as I knew where they were working and it did not appear online that way. I'm sorry that I can't be more specific. It was too long ago! Even today the screen painting is rather slow. [K6MM]

Yes.  I experienced no glitches or errors.  The only delays were when some of my initial Q's didn't show up for a couple of days while you were madly sorting out your server constraints.  Other than that, my Q's appeared in the log fairly quickly.  I did notice that sometimes I worked K7C but never saw my "path line" and call sign appear on the map, even though I soon saw my green stamp in the log.  This happened on about 1/2 of my 11 QSO's with K7C.  Seeing my call appear on the map as I made the contact was very gratifying, as good as carrying your QSL card with me to show my friends at Visalia!  I really liked this feature. [N6SJ]

yes [BD4VE]

Yes, I even managed to store the appropriate JPG files e.g. 20m: [DK5WL]

There were little or no glitches that I saw whenever I was online looking at it. [VE7JZ]

I think I made 4 QSOs. Actually there was only one QSO with which I had the 'near real time' experience. There was of course a lot of confusion about the 'greenies'. Giving people the perception they should get valuable feedback on the success of their QSO by virtue of the greenie, contradicts to the the statement 'do not dupe us even if your greenie does not appear: you ARE in the log'. There was no way to be certain of that other then the standard confidence people have in hteir own operator skills. And well, being a top 'Most wanted' people do not take risks. I might have duped you on  30m as the greenie did not appear after 2 days. And I am very sure of my first QSO !!


I remember I adviced you to go for a reduced performance from the start which would work, rather than throwing in all the bells&whistles at once (we all remember the server congestion with the XR0Y logsearch). I am sorry, but tend to see a repeat from our Easter Island experience. On the other hand it is really pathetic to see how some people react on these issues. Like they payed huge amounts to make it happen. I am sure those who really did sponsor a lot did NOT complain ... This was engineering in the field and on-the-fly and looking it from that angle you did exceptionally well. [PF5X]

It worked flawlessly for me on my PC with Windows 98. [KSØX]

For me DXA worked perfectly! [DJØGM]

Yes I think it did I had some problems on the first day. [KO6RS]

Display was correct in a good time response (sorry, I don't remember exactly). No errors, now it is correct. [HB9AUS]

Yes, it is correct now.  But, the mark of green was not accurately displayed first.  Some of the mark had disappeared. And it has not recovered about Pedetion to the last minute. [JA8BRH]

"greenie" was interesting but did not actively use. [W6KT]

I did not succeed in making a contact, but the chase was certainly fun. [NU6T]

It's correct now.  Initially, it didn't correctly display my 30m QSO. [W5GA]

From the time I worked them until the "Greenie" appeared was about 1 min. initially until the SERVER was swamped with hits and everything slowed down after that, taking around 5min. to appear. [NN6EE]

I found no mistakes with my logging info against your data.  It was fun to see me spotted on your chart. [NK6A]

did DXA correctly display the bandmode "greenie" in a reasonable time? Yes  // 

Were there any glitches, errors, etc? No// 

Is it correct now? Yes//

As noted above...I didn't notice at first the real-time possibilities.  Now that time has passed I am also not sure exactly what I saw...however, I did realize I was suppose to be able to see my call/flag and "greenie" pretty quickly after I worked K7C.  As I recall I was pleasantly surprised and actually did notice a few of the Q's that came up pretty quickly. [W6TK]

All of my six QSOs were logged correctly. [W6YOO]

Most of the Greenies were displayed in a day or so. Some showed and then disappeared, but after the expedition returned home, all was restored and Acurate. [N6WK]


PERFORMANCE: When you made your QSO(s), did DXA correctly display the bandmode "greenie" in a reasonable time? Yes  Were there any glitches, errors, etc?  Not that I remember. Is it correct now?

It was within in few minutes before my call would come up in the log. DXA is a great program. I had the locals watching the page as we were all trying to make contacts. [W6WTG]

All contacts except one were recorded right away, the other one took a couple of days to show up. [W6UR]

I believe I had a 17m QSO that did no show up for several days, but that wasn't a problem because it was a solid Q.  I never saw any page errors.  [KB5NJD]


only the well known problems in the first days. Then it was great to see live what qso's are done while the band here was closed. [DF2LH]