by KK6EK

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Below are listed almost all of the answers to Question 1 received by this author. The responses are provided here in their entireity--all responses are included, and the responses have not been edited (except for consistency and English, when necessary, and to eliminate some purely personal comments).  

How did you use DXA (displayed it all the time, logged in once in a while, logged in once, etc.).

I regularly logged into DXA both at home and at work to check if I was in the log and also just to see the K7C DXpedition's progress.[AI1G]

Logged in off and on to check see if my call was confirmed [KBØIKW]

Had displayed it all the time. [LU3CQ]  

I used DXA when I was in the shack, and left it on while there to see where you were operating. [KC5YED]

Mainly I had DXA running while I call and seeing the calls worked list, thanks to this feature I have an idea about my chance to make the contact (a lot of OH in the list, bad signal, a lot of F or CT good signal). DXA was great for the DXers like me that has not a lot of free time in the working days, beacause just turn on the computer I saw in which bands were K7C team, and the calls worked list if I have a chance for the QSO, without turning on the RIG. [EA3BHK]

Displayed (logged in) quite a bit to see if my friend made contact (bragging rights) [K6ZOE]

Logged in once in a while [N5VYS]

I logged in once in a while from home and office. I was especially on when I was trying to work K7C (given my schedules, only on 40m and 80m). [AD7AV]

Logged in frequently - several times a day. A major benefit to see which bands/modes were being operated at a given time. Also found the heading indicators of the recent QSOs to be a major benefit. We could really have done with something like this on Peter1!! [ZS2EZ]

I logged in whenever I had a chance to work K7C, according to propagation. In other words: I was on many hours. [HB9BGV]


Only when I logged on for the first time for the session/day and then a few times in-between.  I think, early in the DXpedition, the servers got overloaded with too many trying to access at the same time.  That's why I would only look at the site and then close out of it, so as not to hog the bandwidth.  That method worked fine for me.  And the few times I was unable to connect, the DX spots kept everyone informed. . [KS5A]

I only have a dial-up internet connection at home and consequently only logged on periodically, i.e., after a QSO mostly. [AG3V]

I periodically logged in to find out what bands were being worked, the latest message and of course to check my contacts. [N6ATD]

I had it going most of the time and kept checking it over and over! [AG5T]

Frequently either if I don't made many contacts. Here in Switzerland poor propagation .. and of course not too much power. But lovely to work the crew! [HB9DHG]

I logged in occasionally. The DXpedition was well along before I visited your web site and discovered the DXA page. Once I found it, it was a valuable resource, in conjunction with the spotting networks. [KM2L]

I had it on most of the time. It was down a few times.But enjoyed using it and seeing my call and others that I know in the log also. [AA6RN]

I do recall logging in and being pleased to see my call pop up on the display.  I can't recall if I logged in, or how many times I logged in, thereafter. [AC7SB]

I logged in many times. Probably more than I should have! It was rather fascinating. Of course, like so many, after I made a QSO the temptation was to keep looking and keep looking and keep looking. [K4IRS]

Displayed about 50% of the time. When trying to work K7C. [WB8B]

I displayed it when I was attempting to work K7C only.  I did not have good propagation and with my current station confirguration, I was limited to what bands I could work and hear on. I probably visited the page a handful of times when I was (a) looking for them; (b) attempting to work them [KL8DX]

I only used it a couple of time's. but found it very usefull and intresting. Not much help but though my two cent's should be heard. [K8LJG]

I wish I could give you some positive feedback, but the program did not work for me.  I was able to see the window, but that was it. I do not know if the fact that I am on a dial up connection had any impact or not. [K4PK]

I tried to have it on while working the Expedition. [KJ6Y]

Logged in once in a while.  Monitored activity while at work (see below).  [WØFM]

Logged in several times to see who was breaking the pile up.  Used it to confirm that my call was in the log correctly. [N6OR (AC6WY)]

Logged in once in a while. [AF4JF]

I logged in multiple times, mostly to see what bands had stations on the air. [NW6P]

I wasn't able to work Kure, although I did log into the website for updates. [WD8CQB]

I logged in time to time,from office too,it was useful to know the operating bands and nice to see the calls of friends getting a new one. [I2EOW]

I logged in whenever I was trying to work K7C, and also to see who else worked them, in other words a lot, during the DXP but not since. [5B4FL]

Logged in once in when I heard K7C and called. [SM3DYU]

Displayed it most of the time. [5B4AHJ]

I had DXA displayed all the time that I knew propagation was ok to Kure. [G3TLV]

I didn't "need" Kure, so I made only one QSO, primarily to experience DXA myself. So, I logged in only a few times, first immediately after the QSO, and a few times thereafter to see if DXA would "catch up". [VE3UW]

While trying to work K7C I had it logged in most of the time. Several hours total. [KØKP]  

During the K7C Dxpedition I displayed it all the time 100 %. [CT1FUH]

I had it displayed the whole time whenever I was trying to work K7C. [WX2K]

Logged in once in a while. [AI6A]

I logged into DXA whenever I wanted to go hunting for K7C on another band or mode.  I usually left it up and running until I had worked the station then hung around to check it and make sure my call was in the log.  If it appeared that the operator was going to sit on this band and mode for awhile I would log out and keep an eye on the DX cluster to see if there would be any spots of activity elsewhere.  If so I would relog into DXA and check on activity while trying to make another contact. [AL9A]

I logged in a number of times. [W6OSP]  

I logged in every so often (probably 6-8 times) just to see what bands the Dxpedition was operating on at any one time - VERY HELPFUL information! [WX6V]  

I have just limited access to Internet. I logged in several times, a few days before the one QSO I had with K7C, to get informed and get a "feel" for the operation. Then just before the QSO and again a few hours after the QSO to check the log. I was surprised of how fast the log was updated. [YO3CTK]

I logged in once in a while. [YB2VTO]

I logged once in the while. [SP2QCU]    

I logged in once in a while just to check it out, and to check if I was in the log. [IA8AJA]    

I use it to check who was being worked and therefore if my chances to be heard were high or not. I would log on the site every time I'd be on the air trying to work you guys. I used it also to see the pix and the logs after the DXpedition was over. [WØMM]

I only logged in once in a while. [KD8SF]

Logged in once in a while. When I worked to the station it entered DXA. [LU8ADX]

Before the operation got under way I read the help files thoroughly and went though all the available functions online.

I followed the expedition via DXA online without actually logging on (did so only to test this function). As I recall there was a bandwidth issue and figuered better reduce this hi! [LA2RZ]

I have not a good internet acces here, in my usual QTH, but I have a low speed conection (49999 bps) by modem, and I used it for testing if my call sing was in log after QSO. If I had had a cable or ADSL here, problably, I had been connected all time, because the real time info was very clear and help us to know if we was in log or not. [EA5KY]

Logged in once in a while. [CT1BOL]

Logged in once. [KI6AO]

I logged into DXA numerous times and would typically watch the activity for  a few minutes.  This was done to get an overview of the propagation conditions at the time. [K4XG]

Logged in once in a while [N5VYS]

Logged in once in a while [ON5KL]

I first displayed DXA all the time on the second TFT Monitor. When I noticed there were load problems, I displayed only time to time to help not to charge unnecessary. [HB9CIP]

I used it a number of times. [K1RV]

I checked DXA several times to see what the activity was and if I had a good chance of getting through. Found it REALLY COOL and of course very helpful. Whenever I turned the rig on I check DXA. [AA6VO]

I logged in frequently, and it was a good way to see what was going on the bands. [AC7FP]

I logged in once some 10 - 20 minutes after my contact to confirm the green dot on 80 SSB. [K8GG]

I did not display it all the time but more times than not brought it up while I was trying to work K7C.  [KS5V]

Logged in once in a while. [AB7G]

I logged in occasionally athough it was a bit for my 28.8 dialup. [KA2BZS]

I used it regularly, to check if my most recent QSO had been correctly recorded, and to follow the fortunes of several DX'ing mates. [VK3FM]

Logged in once in a while. [W2NDP]

Logged in once in awhile. [N6VH]

Displayed it all the time [CT1CSN]

Used DXA primarily to check if my call was in the log as expected. [AD4EB]

I logged in quite often to find out where K7C was operating.? I have a broadband connection so I often left it on for long periods of time to see WHO was working K7C also.? I also enjoyed "logging in" as my buddies so I could see what they had worked and be able to call them when K7C was up and they needed a band or mode. [KKØDX]

Displayed it all the time. [ON5AI]

I logged in regularly.  Mainly to verify a QSO of mine, or of local friends without Internet access [LANCE]

Logged in once in a while (mostly because others asked me to check if they were "in the log". [SM5DQC]

Used it quite a bit. I found the information very informative. [KØCOP]

I logged in whenever I was on the air and chasing K7C, probably off-and-on over a 4 to 6 hour period every day., and I checked the on-line QSO indicator for my QSOs after each one until it appeared. At that time I was using a single monitor... now I have two... so since I now have the screen space I would probably keep the display up on-screen in future. [K3BZ]

I checked to see what areas of the world the team was working, to check reality against the W6ELprop predictions.  And of course, after I worked you guys.  Once I got my RTTY Q, what I really needed for DXCC, would just leave DXA on and watch it scroll with results.  Very cool! [N7MQ]

Each time I engaged in the pile-up for K7C, I logged into DXA to get a feeling of where the QSOs were going [IW7ECJ]

I only connected when I was trying to work you. [NIØF]

I used it in several "modes":  1 - while actively chasing you for a QSO; 2 - to check your log against mine; 3 - to view real time info while just listening to the pileup [KK6T]

I pretty much stayed logged in until I had made all the contacts I wanted. [AA5XE]

I Used the DXA to see and logged some times to inform about the dxpeditions only. [TI2KAC]

I logged in at least once a day to check for announcements, plus I made sure I logged in after I worked K7C to be sure I was in the log. [K6GFJ]

Logged in once in a while [K6WE]

I logged in often but not always.  Sometimes it was too delayed or hard to connect due to lots of users.  I tried to keep it on when I was in the shack and mostly was able to do so. [WS1L]

I used it when I was in the shack and was active and in the pile-up or had it displayed to watch who and where K7C was working.  I checked DXA at work also to check in on the action. [KI6VC]

I used DXA primarily as a point of reference for the expedition, to check my qsos and to keep track of what was going on with the team. I logged in daily on my Mac, so I did not interrupt the ops computer, a PC. [AD6ST]

I kept it on constantly on a spare PC set up just for that purpose. My life revolved around checking what freq you were on and jumping on the radio when I saw a new one I needed. [K7ACZ]

Displayed it all the time [CT1CSN]

Logged in whenever I was trying to work K7C. [W6OP]

I logged into DXA about 7-10 times a day during the time K7C was on "air" it helped me see which part of the world was being worked by the K7C team. I found it a valuable sorce of information in explaining to my two children (who are also in the log as M3JII and M3JIH,) about propagation and which part of the world was able to hear and work the team,this also showed the family in real time when the best time was to begin calling so as not to cause QRM. [GØDBE]


I logged in numerous times, but did not remain connected at all times.  Especially checked after I made contacts, but stayed out of the pileups on bands I already had confirmed. [K1KO]

After I made a QSO, I would log in a couple times each day until my greenie appeared. [K7VC]

I used DXA every day of the K7C DXpedition. [M3SDE]

Logged in once in a while [ON5JV]

Used the system all the time to judge when propogation was running to K7C from the UK. I heard you most days but only managed to get through on 20M on last day about 2 hours before the end! [G1VDP]

Logged in several times per day. [IK4WMH]

I logged onto the DXA only when I was actively chasing K7C and when I wanted to check for my QSO's online. [K5BG]

Displayed it all the time, logged in once in a while. [NNØTT]

I thought that DXA was a great tool.  I logged in numerous times to see which bands were active and where K7C was working.  I really liked the "real time" log book feature.  Knowing you worked the DX makes it possible for more hams to work the stations (less dupes).  It makes the guys that got a QSO move on to other bands and modes. [KE3D]

I logged in before the operation and several times during and after. [K8IW]

Logged in once in a while when trying to work K7C [WQ8T]

I used it on the low bands to verify the calls being worked so I would know the best times to call.  I also used it to verify there was no mistake with my call for the qso so I would not have to work them again. I logged in once in a while; did not stay logged in all the time. [WA4FFW]

I used it all the time when I was trying to work K7C, and the result was that my call was on the screen FANTASTIC. [PA1K]

I displayed it all the time to learn about you operation practice (propagation situation), so I kept logged in all the time while searching for you. I used DXA to check for the greenies after the operation [DF2PI]

I displayed it all the time.  Great to see who was being worked. [VA3DN]

Used your log 2 or 3 times to confirm my QSO. I think time delay of puttig on is no problem. [JA2FG]

I logged into DXA almost all the time I was on the computer. Even at work, I'd run DXA just to see what bands the dxpedition was operating on. [N7TM]

I logged in at times that I though I could possible work the group.  I watched to determine who was working them before trying! [WA5PFJ]

I even was logged in when I was in the office to see my friends working K7C. Made many screenshots when their calls popped up on the worldmap and sent it to them by e-mail. Received enthusiastic replies. [DK8MZ]

We had the display on everytime we were trying to work K7C. [K4TY]

Logging in everyday. [W6JON]

Logged in frequently. [VE3GQR]

I displayed DXA all the time. Often I had to quit DXA and to login again because of a frozen screen. [DL9MEN]

It seemed to me one of the better organized expeditions I've ever seen. [CT1DOF]

I logged in each time I was chasing K7C. When I saw my call appear on the world map, that was WAY COOL! I did a "save image" with a BIG smile! [WA5POK]

Logged in once in a while. [WB1S]

Displayed DXA all the time during band/mode chasing. [ON4WW]

Used only during those times I was attempting to make my low band contacts.  Also looked up some friends of mine to see how they were doing. [K7LY]

I had DXA displayed on my laptop all the time, because I was very interested to see this exciting application in action live. I also had DXA displayed on a PowerMac G5, using a larger screen. [K6MM]

Logged in once in a while. [W9ILY]

I had DXA displayed continuously whenever I was listening to K7C. [N6SJ]

Log in once [BD4VE]

Logged in 4-5 times per day. I was on a business trip in Czech for two days and enjoyed to monitor the dxpedition from the hotel room via DXA. [DK5WL]

I used it for looking at if I did in fact make the log, and to see what band I for sure made contact on. [VE7JZ]

I was logged in when actively chasing K7C. A few times I also search for some callsigns of friend to see how they were doing in making Qs with K7C. [PF5X]

I checked in almost daily , often checking propagation to my area and was amazed to how great a portion of the world was "open" to K7C at any given time often in direct contrast with what one would expect. [KSØX]

I logged in several times once in a while. I have only a low speed analog modem. [DJØGM]

Displayed most of the time when operating and used it to check conditions. [KO6RS]

I have used DXA logged in and displayed several times, each time the station was activated and I was trying to listen to K7C (opened about 30 times during the dx-pedition and several (10-20) times after the exped.) [HB9AUS]

Logged in once in a while. [JA8BRH]

Logged in fairly regularly to determine bands and modes in operation at that time, and stations able to QSO at that time . Also confirmed log of my QSO. [W6KT]

I logged in periodically to check conditions and to watch.  I may have been logged in for as long as an hour on occasion, but generally probably for 10-20 minutes. I'm a little pistol station, so lots of listening and watching, and waiting for a good opportunity.  I enjoyed seeing who was worked where, and seeing the propagation information mapped. [NU6T]

Logged in once in a while. [W5GA]

I displayed it continuously on the screen until I was able to work the "Crew" at least two times, once per mode (CW & SSB). [NN6EE]

I logged in at work during the day to check who you have worked and to see where the propagation was.  When home I would check it to see where you were and who you were working. [NK6A]

To check and find out if I worked the station so as to not make a dupe a contect. [W6EKR]

Periodically I would go to the site and look to see the latest updated info and if I actually made it into the log.  As I became familiar with the use of the site and its capabilities it was fun to try to go to the site soon after a Q and see if my call came up.  It has been a while but I think I actually saw my call flash up a couple of times in "near-real-time" - which I thought was amazing and great.  [W6TK]

Logged in once and awhile. [W6YOO]

I logged in once in a while. [N6WK]


Displayed it while trying to work DXpedition. [N6OU]

I would log in about 5 times a day.

I used it most of the time. Found it interesting and fun to watch the action. [W6UR]

I kept DXA running most of the time to see where you were operating and to get info from the message center. [KB5NJD]

Displayed all the time. [NA5U]

I used DXA from the 1st day i read about it. A few days before the operation. [DF2LH]