Luis Chartarifsky XE1L

Luis Chartarifsky (Goldberg) XE1L

World-class DXer and DXpeditioner, mentor and friend to hundreds of ham radio operators, ambassador to many nations through amateur radio, architect, businessman, husband and father, so deserving of respect and admiration for his unlimited joy and persistent optimism.

Less than one hour after returning from the 2013 Clipperton DXpedition TX5K, Luis was struck down by a massive heart attack. The picture above was taken as he embarked on this journey, unaware it would be his last.

Luis will continue to be a source of inspiration to thousands, and a cherished memory of all who were so lucky to have known him.

Great DXing, Luis! We miss you...

Dedication to the book
=DXA= The Real-time Online Radio Log Server, by Robert W. Schmieder (KK6EK)
Publihed by Cordell Expeditions, Walnut Creek, CA, 2013

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