The Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary:
Based on 1977-85 research by Cordell Expeditions. Nominated for sanctuary designation by Robert W. Schmieder. Designated 1989, completed by Act of Congress signed by President George H. W. Bush. Manager and funding designated 2002.

DXpedition of the Year 1994 Peter I Island DXpedition of the Year 1995 Easter Island DXpedition of the Year 1997 Heard Island
Southwest Ohio DX Association: DXpedition of the Year (1994, 1995, 1997)
QST Cover 1994 QST Cover 1997 Chiltern DX Club
QST: Best Magazine Article: Peter I 1994, Heard Island 1997
Chiltern DX Club: Certificate of Merit for Heard Island DXpedition 1997
Central Arizona DX Association International underwater Foundation DXpedition of the Year 1994 Peter I Island
Central Arizona DX Association: Honorary Lifetime Membership KK6EK 1997
International Underwater Foundation: Environmental Enrichment Award 1995
Underwater Photogaphic Society: OPEN VIDEO Second Place 1985
Falun Radio Club of Sweden Falun Radio Club of Sweden: Copper Coin Award of Falun for Heard Island 1997
Named Geographic feature:
Schmieder Bank (off Pt. Sur, California)

Named new species and subspecies:
Armina cordellensis Gosliner
Codium dawsonii
Codium schmiederi Silva
Erylus schmiederi Austin
Forcepia (Forcepia) elvini Lee
Guitarra abbotti Lee
Halcelia bozanici Hendler
Homalopoma cordellensis McLean
Megalomphalus schmiederi McLean
Ophioderma vansyoci
Paratimea alijosensis Hendler
Pharia pyramidata schmiederi Hendler
Thor cordelli Wicksten