Part of the research program of Cordell Expeditions includes research-oriented educational trips aboard the Cordell Explorer for adults and for students. Typically, these are one-day trips in San Francisco Bay, or in the Sacramento River. While providing education, and in some cases classroom credit, these trips always involve specimen collection and documentation, part of the ongoing mission of Cordell Expeditions to study, document, and describe the environment as a contribution to rational managment. Thus, the trips are formally part of an ongoing research program. Currently, we are participating in trips with the following:

  • Shorebird Nature Center (Berkeley)
  • Diablo Valley College (Pleasant Hill)
  • California Academy of Sciences (San Francisco)
  • St. Mary's College (Lafayette)
The pictures below are typical of these trips. If your group is interested in participating in these trips, you may inquire at one of the organizations listed above. Or if you are interested in the Cordell Explorer, contact us directly at (925) 934-3735, or