Material resulting from the work of Cordell Expeditions is moving into the academic curriculum. The book Ecology of an Underwater Island provides an attractive, readable account of Cordell Bank as a case study of an offshore rocky bank, appropriate for high school or above. Specimens from the Cordell Expeditions collection are available for student projects. Currently the following organizations are using these materials in educational contexts:

Maybeck High School (Berkeley) Kathryn Levenson
Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary Jennifer Stock

The pictures below are of the activities at Maybeck High School. If you are interested in learning about previous experience, you may inquire at one of the organizations listed above. If you are interested in the book and/or specimens, or if you are interested in using the Cordell Explorer for field trips as part of your curriculum, contact Cordell Expeditions directly at (925) 934-3735, or